Bring TPOH To Your Community

The People’s Opera House (TPOH) can easily adapt to any space in your community, be it a traditional theater setting, a private residence, an empty office space, a night club, street level in the car wash (which has amazing acoustics by the way) or off the beaten cultural venues a far from the center of the city with an exclusive guest list. Your imagination is the only limit.

There are benefits and demerits to each space. Choosing the right venue is where TPOH gets its magic. For instance, an open house could be a great space to contain all of the acts in one place, or at street level in public spaces with heavy foot traffic bring people who would not ordinarily buy tickets to an opera can be swept up in the activities and compelled to join in the fun.

There are two ways to bring TPOH to your community; fully supported with TPOH coming to your community to teach workshops and emotionally-supported.

Emotionally Supported Route: We have prepared an Open Source Handbook for communities that want to bring TPOH to their communities and plan to bootstrap the project on their own. If you choose to go it alone, we will support you with bi-weekly phone calls and cheer you along. We are currently in the validation process of the The Open Source Manual and looking for a minimum of five host cities to help us bench mark the manual by creating performances during January 2020.

Fully Supported Route: Invite TPOH to come to your community and support the building of content and production with a series of workshops.