Become a Patron of TPOH

Become a patron of TPOH and transform your community in as little as six weeks!
Put reasonable thinking aside for a creative moment to imagine your patronage of The People’s Opera House Project through the dynamic new lens of the Collateral Collective. This is a trifecta you can bank cultural capital on, and it goes like this:
           you, adventurous patron + the Collateral Collective + The People’s Opera House
One would be hard pressed to find another philanthropic adventure like this in San Diego to participate in. Come join us in our entrepreneurial edge worker venture in putting our company structure and sustainable source of revenue together and getting this show on the road!

We are robustly seeking patrons, business and artistic advisors, participants and host cities/communities. Once we have the TPOH team in place we will have the platform needed to begin the process of community outreach, the goals of which are to find people interested in developing new projects, performing and staging them and aiding in the creation of original content to be included in them. When the organizational and financial structure is in place, we will be opening up the TPOH pipeline for new projects, performance venues and communities who want to participate. You are invited to join the TPOH team and contribute your expertise and creative insights as we build this community-based vehicle for action, creativity and transformation.