We Want You!

TPOH is an inclusive project! We are working on expanding the old adage, It takes a village….

to include creating an opera!

Set aside your concerns about lack of experience or “talent” in a specific discipline. TPOH will develop your talent through a series of salons and performance workshops. In this discovery process you will determine exactly what and where your unique contribution to the project lie. As an active participant in developing your community’s TPOH, you will have many points of access within the three acts to contribute your perspective on the particular subject at hand. through your unique forms of creativity and self-expression.

The following is a list of possible roles that you can begin the discovery process. The list is by no means exclusive. In fact, we are looking to you and your edge worker status to create new areas of expression within the structure of TPOH. Vocalist > Musicians > Composers > Sound Designers > Dancers > Movers > Choreographers > Actors > Visual Artists > Videographers > Performance Artists > Writers > Librettists > Photographers > Animators > Sculptors > Project Director > Creative/Artistic Director > Company Manager > Set Designer > Theater Production Manager > Stage Managers > Technical Directors for media management, video editing and live performance > Production Interns: General and Technical > General & Administrative Interns > Marketing, Communications Director, Graphic design > Grant Writer > Consultants / Technical Experts > Lighting Designer > Set Designer > Costume Designer > Video editors

We invite you to step into TPOH as a participant and experience the transformative power of community in action.